Pump stations touch points include:

Pump House Construction / Flooded Section Pump Units / Portable Pump Units / Kirlostar Pump / Electrict Motors

Pump House Construction/ Kirloskar Pumps

Senter 360 design and construct pump house units according to the site requirements. Cocopans pump station. pump on rails for steep sloping terrain with winch, portable pump on wheels  

Flooded Section Pump Units

As the name suggests, a flooded suction pump is designed to work by being gravity fed fluid, thus not requiring a vacuum pump for priming. Flooded suction pumps consist of a pump and motor, mounted outside of the liquid to be pumped or processed.

Kirloskar Pump

Kirloskar  are pumps manufactured and engineered systems for fluid management. … The pumps are used in industrial & petrochemical, agriculture & domestic pumps, valves and hydro turbines.

Portable Pump Units

Our mobile water pumps are complete pump stations on wheels. They can be moved quickly and easily to your location of choice. Because of their easy mobility, these portable diesel, portable electric-diesel and portable electric water pumps are operational within minutes.

Electrict Motors

We do have electric motors mainly 2 pole and 4 pole motors. These are AC motor 400ov mainly for our pump units. We also do electric motor rewinding. 

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