Our Overhead sprinkler irrigation systems touch points include:

Site Survey / Systems Design / Installations / Backup spares

Site Survey

We do site visits and surveys that generate statistics on acres irrigated by land use category, acres and yields of irrigated crops, quantity of water applied, primary method of …

Systems Design

We have all the modern methods of irrigation include – surface irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, subsurface irrigation.  

Backup spares

Senter 360 we distribute of all irrigation hardware including aluminium pipe spares hydrant control valves and plugs, reversible bends, plastic and brass sprinklers riser pipes and all rubber seals.  


We do installations on all Irrigation Sprinklers noozle guns,Drip irrigation Installations,Center Pivot Irrigation installations,Irrigation solutions. Solar powered systems. Suppliers of grain drying technology.

Helping  you Archive your Agricultural Goals 

100% Genuine Parts

At Senter 360 our focus is always on delivering measurable results.

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We are your partners for success in Centre pivot, drip, micro and conventional sprinkler irrigation systems

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