Fertigation Units

Our Fertigation Units touch points include:

Feeder Dosing Pumps / Agitators / Fertigation Tanks

Feeder Dosing Pumps

Here we examine the variable volume dosing pumps. the use of a centrifugal dosing pump in conjunction with a flow meter. The centrifugal pump doses out of the tank into the mainline.


Senter 360 supplies a range of top entry agitators from 0.25kW to 750kW, for use in farming, processing and manufacturing plants.

Fertigation Tanks

We have modern fertigation equipments, able to regulate, A pressure differential tank system is based on the principle of a pressure differential. Tailoring the nutrient and water application as per crop phonological stages is a pre-requisite to elevated nutrient use efficiency.


Work That Excites Us

Large tanks reservoirs

Large tanks reservoirs

High Head sprinklers

High Head sprinklers

Centre Pivots spares

Centre Pivots spares

center pivots

center pivots

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