Centre Pivots

Our center 360 pivots touch points include:

Standard Profile / High Profile / Ultra High Profile / Water Driven Pivots / Quick Tow Pivots / Spares

Span & Overhang

The spans are the strongest on the market in the market. This is achieved without adding extra weight and by making use of up to eleven pipe trusses per 57.6m span.

Ultra High Profile

Provide increased crop clearance, high-Profile clearance: 12’ 11”, Ultra-High Profile clearance: 15’ 7” mainly designed for banana plantations

Standard Profile

Our standard profile pivots can be configured with a variety of span lengths, overhang combinations and multiple sprinkler packages. In addition our Ezitec control panel is a modular advanced panel which can be fitted with cell phone control module 


Work That Excites Us

Quick Tow Pivots

The Quick-Tow centre pivot hooks up to the tractor lift arms for quick and safe towing. The Quick-Tow centre is proven to be even stronger than the superior strength span it is connected to and were undamaged after a span were pulled to destruction.

kirloskar centrifugal pumps

kirloskar centrifugal pumps

Fertigation units

Fertigation units

Centre Pivots structure

Centre Pivots structure

Pump station units

Pump station units

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